Music plays a huge role in our daily lives. It can make or break our moods and enhances all forms of media. And since I’m a music fanatic, I figured I would shed some light on some of my favorites!

Cowboy Bebop:

No one can deny that Cowboy Bebop is the epitome of a perfect soundtrack to a series. The fact that the show is based around blues/jazz adds a dynamic element that entices jazz averse individuals to enjoy it. The intro alone is iconic, and manages to get the viewer excited for the upcoming episode.

I personally really enjoy the hard bop style of the show for the action segments, but let us not forget about the somber slow jazz the show utilizes as well. Since it is a space spaghetti western style show people die and the characters experience tragedy and the slow jazz really compliments these scenes quite nicely. So if you have even an inkling of affinity towards Jazz I would highly recommend watching it.

Samurai Champloo:

It’s obvious that the creators of Cowboy Bebop would make an equally entertaining and beautifully scored show as Samurai Champloo. For the readers who haven’t seen Samurai Champloo it is a show centered on hip-hop music.

The show incorporates a diverse range of elements such as, but not limited to, beatboxing (check out Episode 8: “The Art of Altercation”). The clever way it utilizes hip-hop in a fun and storytelling manner keeps everything interesting, forcing you to come back for more.

Now this series manages to cover all four elements of hip-hop culture (which are MCing/rapping, DJing, break dancing, and graffiti), but we will focus only on the two involving music. The use of rap and hip-hop to tell stories throughout the show really captivate those around you. One particular scene comes to mind in episode 16 “Lullabies of the Lost Part 1.” The show uses three MCs to tell a legend to the characters and the viewer. It really works well and is a pleasant segue into the plot of the episode. My other favorite aspect of it is the scratch DJing utilized throughout the show.


Since Psycho-Pass is already an entertaining show about the future, the creators had to come up with a TRON-esc soundtrack to match. And they did just that. With elements of drum and bass, crazy fun guitar riffs, and even classical elements and instruments to match, it’s no wonder it keeps pace with this exciting show.

Death Note:

Nothing matches up with Death Note’s demented story quite like the soundtrack. Elements from the soundtrack scream death. Which, for those of you who have seen Death Note can agree that heavy metal is probably the only music capable of expressing the emotions attributed with the show.

Honorable Mentions:

Kids on the Slope:

It’s no surprise that a show about Jazz music would have an amazing soundtrack. But just in case some of you haven’t had the chance to watch it yet here is an example below:

Tokyo Ghoul:

The outro on the show has a fantastic bass line; this is pretty unusual in most forms of rock music. Since the bass guitar is usually there to provide volume to songs, it is refreshing to hear a track with the bass as high as it is. It really carries the song and reminds me of certain Muse tracks.

As we discover more fantastic music, we at BentoByte will continue to post more reviews on it! If you have any personal favorites please feel free to comment and add to it below!

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