According to the Bandai Namco website, the release date for the latest Dark Souls II DLC has been pushed back until September 30th. The third chapter of the trilogy of DLCs (aptly named the Lost Crowns trilogy) was pushed back from it’s original release date of the 24th (today) until the 30th.

Fear not though, I am sure it is just as much frustrating as the last DLC, the Crown of the Iron King. For those who aren’t familiar with one of the hardest games ever made we have included the plot synopsis below:

Dark Souls II presents its plot in an unconventional way that makes it difficult to understand in one playthrough, and it has several unclear or unknown elements. In this way, the game encourages its community to share and review findings and interpretations with each other in order to fully understand it.” –from Wikipedia

Well if the game wasn’t hard enough, the story is even harder to figure out and the Wikipedia synopsis agrees (sorry Matt shoot me).

But wait just a bit longer and get ready to smite skeletons and demons and collect some souls.

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