First Tokyo Ghoul, now Kuroko’s Basketball (Kuroke no Basuke). In this year’s fifth issue of Jump Next magazine, the writer of Kuroko’s Basketball, Tadatoshi Fujimaki, is launching a sequel to the series that will be launching in the December issue (December 29th). The series will be a sequel, set after the events of the first series’ finale in September. The magazine has a teaser, stating “On September 1, 2014, the curtains closed on their journey. But wait, the miracle is not over yet!”  The sequel will be featured on the magazine’s cover and will have a colored opening page.

The first series followed Taiga Kagami and his basketball team attempt to win the inter-high school championship. The series was launched in Weekly Shonen Jump in October of 2008 and sold quite well, with more than twenty-seven million copies in circulation. An anime adaptation began airing its first season in April of 2012 to September 2012, a second season airing from October 2013 to March 2014 and a third season set to air in March of 2015. Crunchyroll has the first two seasons available to stream.

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