Time again for another segment on music, how it enhances anime and which ones are some of our favorites.

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

I couldn’t resist starting off with a particular soundtrack that’s fantastic the whole way through. I recommend starting at 0:47 on the video. The whole soundtrack had a solid blend of house, drum and bass, and electro. It has this positive and upbeat vibe which melds perfectly with the pace of the show itself, however, the soundtrack by itself is a marvel in it’s own.

I want to highlight “Fly away” for a brief moment. The aspect of drum and bass utilized mixed in with the occasional heavy synth really gets everyone energized and excited to take on the world. “D City Rock – We are Angels [Anarchy]”  does nothing but exemplify the show. Nothing explains the premise of a show about promiscuous fallen angels than a dance floor synth pop song about anarchy.

Terror in Resonance (Zankyou no Terror)

The use of slide guitar works profoundly well with this whole scene. When things look bleak, it isn’t everyday that a terrorist comes to your rescue. So it was really pleasant to have a feeling of hope in a wold where nothing seems quite right and this song really melds well with this emotion and scene.  “Are you going to destroy the whole world?”

Spice & Wolf

Now normally intros like this are pretty atypical for any type of anime, however, there is something about the emotions and the melodies that make this one stand out among the others. It is catchy, and since the show is set in a fantasy middle-ages the melodies and instruments used in the soundtrack are really indicative of the time. I wasn’t able to find a video copy, however, the constant use of Gregorian chant within the show really ties well with the era of the setting and the religious themes within the show. It also helps that Spice and Wolf are one of the most adorable couples in anime, so it is only befitting that we have a great soundtrack to match up with characters we love so much.

Ouran High School Host Club

Now I would like to point out that all adaptations of music have the ability to sway our opinion and develop emotions for particular scenes. The use of this classical piece is no exception to this rule. Mozart’s Piano Duet Sonata was utilized quite well in convincing us of three things: the emotional bond between two individuals based around the piece was (*ahem*)…..cute (*cough*), that they really do belong to an interesting school that teaches about some of the finer things in life, and that Tamaki-Senpai isn’t a complete and total moron.

Tokyo Ghoul

Since it was merely an honorable mention in the last post, I decided we might as well include the intro to Tokyo Ghoul. I have seen some pretty messed up shows in my day and Tokyo Ghoul is definitely up there on that list. The lyrics to the intro really manage to capture and prove that the world they all live in is less than stellar. Even the transitions of the overall volume of singing is rather befitting. The reality that the characters are forced to live in is a cruel one, and second thoughts are commonplace which is show through the lyrics and the range in volume.

Being a drummer myself, the drumming in this song is on point. The fills are fluid, the breakdown really emphasizes the strings, and the disco hat and kick beat really ties well with the song overall.


Nothing gets you more excited for a fantasy show than a metal-driven intro song. For those of our fans that have watched this show know that the intro is quite memorable. The double kick and the heavy lead guitar incites roaring enthusiasm for the show, so much so you just can’t wait to watch RWBY kick some ass.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Of course we had to conclude with Gurren Lagann. The iconic song (Libera Me From Hell) that lead us up to pierce the heavens is a must listen to!

Although it took half a season before we were all treated to this song, it was second to none in terms of memorable songs in anime. After Gurren Lagann would transform and the long speeches would conclude, nothing would get anyone more excited and jazzed for the next episode/next fight than this song. Considering the show was about fighting back against an oppressive entity, nothing was more motivating than the lyrics of “fight the power” echoing in your head. Every time this song is heard everyone has the immediate urge to go acquire a cape, some star-shaped sunglasses, and to make a speech about awesomeness. It has a great blend of melodic piano, hip -hop beats, rap, and surprisingly solid opera vocals. So if you haven’t managed to see Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, let this motivate you to do so.

Think we left something out? Let us know in the comments below! This will also not be our last music in anime post. We will do our best every once in a while to add more favorites to the long list!

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