So everyone knows about Attack on Titan. Hell, The Simpson’s made a reference to it this week. With a series this popular, it’s not too surprising to hear that an Attack on Titan action game titled “Attack on Titan: Last Wings of Humanity” came out on the Nintendo 3DS last year. What is surprising is that the game is apparently on its’ way stateside. According to a rating by the Australian Classification Board released yesterday, Atlus USA has plans to localize the game. There is no confirmation on which version of the game will be the one brought stateside, the original or the updated version of the game set to release in December in Japan. However, the Australian listing does make it sound as if it will be the updated version making it stateside. There is no confirmation on an exact date either, but sounds like we can expect the game in the near future. You can expect updates here when more information about the port is released.

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