Every October comes the Halloween events from your favorite games, and this year Nosgoth will be joining the ranks with their event titled Devil’s Night. The event will run for a week starting Monday, October 27 and you’ll be able to acquire new limited items for both Humans and Vampires. These items will have a ghostly effect applied to them, which sounds pretty neat if you ask me. You’ll also be able to acquire the slightly less interesting new player banners, which I assume will also be themed around the event.

As for what new items we’ll see (there will apparently be 28 of them) and whether or not anything free will be up for grabs, your guess is as good as mine. Given that Nosgoth isn’t too far off from a MOBA, I’d say that we can expect to see some of these items available for purchase via the paid in-game currency known as runestones.

With this announcement also come details on a new class which is called the Summoner. As you might imagine, the Summoner will harness the power of necromancy to summon ghouls. It’s also apparently the first female vampire, which is pretty neat. The Summoner will be available to play when the game hits open beta later this Winter.

If you’re interested in Nosgoth, you’ll also be happy to know that you can mark your calendars because this Sunday we’ll be streaming the game during our first ever live stream. If you don’t want to miss it you can follow us on twitch right now, but we’ll also be throwing a bulletin out on the website as well as facebook and twitter.

Devil’s Night – Halloween Event

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