As you might expect with the recent release of Battle of the Gods on home video and a sequel on the horizon which will feature Frieza as the primary antagonist, Beerus, the god of destruction and his assistant Whis will be making an appearance in next year’s Dragonball: Xenoverse.

Beerus and Whis aren’t the only ones making an appearance though, you’ll also be able to fight Vegeta in his Great Ape form along with several other unannounced gigantic boss battles in the Time Patrol Quest and Parallel Quest modes. To defeat those bosses, you’ll be able to team up with other players online to search for their weaknesses and take them down.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? I haven’t played a Dragon Ball game since the Budokai series on the PlayStation 2, and I am super excited for the latest entry into the franchise. Come on, giant boss battles with friends? Count me in! How about you, will you be picking the game up when it releases in February?

With this news there are also a ton of new screenshots for your viewing pleasure, I’ve included the most relevant in a gallery below.

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