Episode 22: The End of the Journey

It has taken the bulk of this second half of Sword Art Online to get back to real life issues, but finally we have got there in this episode. I have been quite curious as to the reason everyone within the guild seemed to be so distant, and although the reasoning as to why may be really sad, at least it brings closure to everything that has transpired. As a side note, Kirito is the man. That is all.

After watching Asuna get blatantly rejected by one of the guild members, it seems reasonable that she would be as depressed as she was. But leave it to Kirito to come and give her a way out. I’m obviously waiting for Asuna to do the same for him, but who knows? That may be a next season sort of thing. Anyway, bringing back the raw emotions again was refreshing. It isn’t exactly the same caliber as it was in season 1, but I’ll take what I can get. It’d take a hell of a lot of screw ups for me to get disinterested in Sword Art Online.


Let’s tackle little Yuuki. By Sword Art Online standards, she has a pretty depressing life. But she seems to be the one individual who Kirito would find most interesting. Especially since she is the only one (left?) who is in a full dive all the time. So her reality has been the game and not the world she once knew. For me, it seems like Yuuki could benefit a lot from hanging out with Kirito and Asuna. And none of us can blame her for her decision to enroll in this experimental program. AIDS is a pretty touchy subject and it’s great to see something like that being approached in Sword Art Online. I am curious to see how the characters will approach the subject in the following episodes.

Overall a decent episode, good character development, and some answers finally to Yuuki’s past.

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The End of the Journey Discovering Yuuki's back ground was quite a sad journey, however, this is what Sword Art Online is about. So in the sense of having the main characters deal with real world consequences this cour is staying true to the shows roots. Overall, it was a decent episode. Not the most exciting but important non the less.
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