After what seemed like forever , we have finally received another update from the official website for the upcoming 15th anniversary Digimon Adventure project. In the update they revealed that Keitaro Motonaga , best known for Katanagatari & Rayearth , will be directing the project . They also revealed that Atsuya Uki (Cencoroll)  will be in charge of character design and that Yuuko Kakihara (Sora no Otoshimono/Heaven’s Lost Property) will be the projects script supervisor.

All this information was also accompanied by the first key visual of the project and the official title of the series, the being Digimon Adventure tri

Digimon project


I cant wait to see how this project is going to pan out. Please leave a comment down below and tell us what you think of the new character designs previewed on the key visual.

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