Puzzle & Dragons is an unstoppable force of mobile gaming, and has been for a while now. It’s also no stranger to collaborations, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering its massive success thus far.

This collaboration might strike you as odd, considering how protective Nintendo is of its characters and assets in regards to licensing beyond their own platform, but it all makes sense when you realize that Puzzle & Dragons Z is coming to the 3DS.

It’s really the perfect match given the DS family’s use of a touch screen, I just wonder whether Puzzle & Dragons Z will be as focused on micro-transactions as the original game for mobile devices. Considering the similarities, one would hope that the 3DS version will provide for more gameplay and less time waiting or money spent.

In a game as addicting as this, that’s pretty important. But, if you want to see what the Mario universe will look like inside of Puzzle & Dragons, check out the trailer below. There’s no word on whether or not we’ll see this in the US, but I’m betting we will at some point. I hope so, anyway.

In other news, the game recently surpassed six million downloads in North America alone. That’s a lot! But it’s only a fraction of the downloads in the rest of the world, particularly in Japan.

What do you think? Are you hoping Mario and crew make their way westward? I’m not a huge fan of Puzzle & Dragons, but I might install the game again to give it a try.

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