Through IGN, From Software has released a video showing the first 18 minutes of Bloodborne!

After watching the video, I feel like the areas displayed could be explored for well over 18 minutes. The player in the video clearly has a goal set, as they push forward pretty aggressively throughout the video. This mad dash does show off more areas of the game than what we may have seen if the player had operated at a slower pace, but does leave out some of the details. Which may be a good thing, depending on how you spin it. More secrets for us to find!

One thing the video does show that may be looked over by many is a brief shot of the equipment screen. As they player equips the Saw Cleaver and hunter Blunderbuss we get a look at stats, damage types and other details that had not been revealed about the game before.


Compared to other Souls type games Bloodborne has fewer stats (Vitality, Endurance, Strength, Skill, Bloodtine and Arcane) and damage types (Physical, Blood, Arcane, Fire, Bolt and 4 unknown Special Attack types), but I’m curious to see how exactly all of these things will come into play. I’m expecting some serious depth from Bloodborne, as by this point I know not to take a From Soft title at face value.

While it may have contained footage we’ve already seen from Tokyo Game Show, Gamescom and PSX last year, watching a player go from the starting point to the Cleric Beast boss fight got me seriously excited. I’m counting down the days to Bloodborne. Bloodborne is set to release in North America, Europe, Japan and the UK on March 24, 25, 26 and 27 respectively. The game was originally set to release in early February (like this week goddamnit), but was delayed after feedback from the game’s Alpha and Beta tests. A special edition of Bloodborne has been announced and comes with a Steelbook game case, artbook and soundtrack.

Bloodborne_special_edition_details_gaming_video games_BentoByte

If you’re interested, you can still order the special edition on Amazon.

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