Episode 4: Grown-Up Time

It seems like the class of 3-E is getting bigger by the week, and this week we’re introduced to a new teacher — but predictably, she’s not exactly as she seems.

This new teacher’s name is Irina Jelavic, but the class instead affectionately refers to her as Bitch-Sensei, presumably due to the way she acts for a good portion of this episode which serves as her introduction.

Naturally, since her goal is to kill Koro-Sensei, I’m not her biggest fan, but like everyone else, she eventually begins to warm up to him. This is only after a failed assassination attempt and angering the classroom, however.


Before all that though, the episode starts off with Koro-Sensei picking up some snacks, only to come upon a woman in trouble which just happens to be a teacher, and as you probably guessed — she’s a teacher for 3-E.

Of course, Koro-Sensei being the type of guy that he is goes out of his way to save her which is all a part of her dastardly plan to end his life. As I said earlier though, it doesn’t go according to plan, and is easily thwarted after she tries to use traditional lead bullets.


It seems like for some reason she got the memo, but didn’t see fit to use the weapons provided to hurt Koro-Sensei. She’s pretty arrogant, and that also shows when it comes to her reluctance to teach the class.

She even goes as far as to insult them, drawing their ire, and mine as well. This is one big problem I have with Assassination Classroom. Because Koro-Sensei is the star, and has such a wonderful personality and what looks like will be an amazing backstory, it’s hard to not be on his side.


But then, maybe that’s the point — to show that Koro-Sensei isn’t the monster that people think he is, even if he did blow up the moon. Still, it’s difficult having such a likable protagonist that is set up to be the villain.

We see in this episode that Tadaomi acknowledges his work with the students, not only teaching them to think outside of the box, but also helping them learn. It makes me sad to think that by the time the series ends somewhere down the line, Koro-Sensei might actually be dead.

But who knows, maybe he won’t. We’ve got quite a few more episodes and the manga is still running, so it will be a while before we see the end, or at least I hope.

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Grown-Up Time This episode introduces another character to the classroom, which happens to be a teacher, and while she seems innocent at first -- she's not there to teach. It's a relatively predictable episode given the circumstances, but given the high level of humor in this episode it's worth sticking around.
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