So I want to be clear, the way we evaluated everything on this list was whether or not: A) the song was terrible. B) the animation was terrible. C) both were equally horrendous. Now we dove through a bunch of anime to search for the worst of the worst.

6. Zombie Loan

I worked within the live music scene for a while and I have heard quite a plethora of terrible voices, but this opening is at the apex of awful. The animation isn’t something to stick your nose up at, but the vocals absolutely butcher the momentum that the song had built within the first 30 or so seconds.

5. Psycho-Pass II

The song wasn’t the issue, the issue was the odd repeating segments. In particular, where Akane swipes her hair to side 5-6 times within the video. Now I am all for taking liberties within animation and intros but it went past the point of innovation and into the realm of annoying and irritating.

4. Tokyo Ghoul √A

The off key piano and the drumming was fine for the first 5 seconds of the intro. But a whole 1:30 of it with an uninteresting sequence? It became too unbearable. It is a bit unfair, seeing that the original OP was my favorite one in the past couple years and it was going to be difficult to live up to, but this wasn’t even close to the same caliber (or league, or ballpark, or universe for that matter).

3. Assassination Classroom

Again, it isn’t that the song itself is bad in any form. The issue is the painful animation with the ultra repetitive dance move. It was reasonably okay the first time. But past that? It really detracts from the overall intro (which is saying a lot since the other elements are enticing and energetic).

2. Dramatical Murder

A clear cut instance where a song can totally butcher everything else that is going on within the intro. Given that the animation is solid the awful drumming screws with the whole pacing of the song. Drumming is typically supposed to get us into the rhythm but somehow they managed to make that off-putting.

1. Naruto

We will ignore the intro that had the word that sounded like “anus” for now. This one was by far the worst. It forced some of us question whether or not there was someone actually editing the audio at all. The writing and lyrics were clearly done by a 8-year old child (no wait, I take that back, that is still giving them too much credit). This one take the cake for being the absolute worst.


Who am I kidding? The anus video is below:

Terrible right? Just terrible. (or hilarious, I can’t quite decide)

Agree/disagree? Did we insult your favorite show? Let us know in the comments below!

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