Last October, FUNimation announced their plans to bring English dubs to audiences faster as part of what they call Broadcast Dubs. The initiative originally started with Laughing Under the Clouds and was recently expanded to include several shows from this Winter season, including Death Parade and Tokyo Ghoul √A.

FUNimation has now released the cast and crew for Assassination Classroom, as well as an English trailer to get you excited for the premier of their latest dub. You can check out the names and the trailer below.


  • Koro Sensei – Sonny Strait
  • Nagisa Shiota – Lindsay Seidel
  • Tadaomi Karasuma – Chris Ryan
  • Karma Akabane – Austin Tindle
  • Isogai – Jerry Jewell
  • Fuwa – Kristi Kang
  • Hayami – Jamie Marchi
  • Hinano – Kristen McGuire
  • Kaede – Monica Rial
  • Maehara – Chris Burnett
  • Mimura – Joel McDonald
  • Muramatsu – Eric Cherry
  • Nakamura – Apphia Yu
  • Okajima – Nick Haley
  • Okano – Didi Archillia
  • Sugaya – Kyle Phillips
  • Kanzaki – Leah Clark
  • Kimura – Jean Luc Hester
  • Kirara – Terri Doty
  • Meg – Morgan Garrett
  • Sugino – Clifford Chapin
  • Terasaka -Marcus Stimac
  • Toka – Michelle Rojas
  • Yoshida – Orion Pitts


  • ADR Director: Joel McDonald
  • Assistant ADR Director: Apphia Yu
  • ADR Engineer: Peter Hawkinson
  • Translators: Nora Stevens Heath, Clyde Mandelin
  • Script Writer: J. Michael Tatum

The subtitled version of Assassination Classroom is currently simulcasting through FUNimation every Friday at 12:20 pm Eastern. The English dub will premiere this Wednesday at 8:00 pm Eastern, followed by Death Parade, Tokyo Ghoul √A, and FUNimation’s new live show Dubbletalk.


If you’ve been holding out for a dub, looks like you won’t have much longer to wait. Will you be watching the dub?

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