Episode 5: Assembly Time

 This episode starts off during chemistry class and as you might imagine, there’s a failed assassination attempt in there as well. Funnily enough, as usual, Koro-Sensei is quick to turn things around and turn them into something positive.


 When Manami tries to give Koro-Sensei human poisons, they don’t do anything to him. Probably because he’s not human. So instead, he offers to teach her to make a special poison that will kill him and he ends up tricking her into making a potion that turns him into liquid instead.


It’s a little bit strange, but then, that’s totally in line with Assassination Classroom and Koro-Sensei’s personality. He’s such a silly guy and that’s what we love about him. It doesn’t stop there though because Koro-Sensei uses that opportunity to give Manami a special homework assignment — improve her language skills and she can better assassinate with poison.

It just goes to show what a great teacher Koro-Sensei is and again reinforces my belief that he just can’t die. I mean sure they’re trying to assassinate him, that’s the whole point, but he’s doing so much for this class and I’m wondering whether or not they realize it. Surely they couldn’t kill him if they realized.

In fact, in the second half of the episode they have to go to an assembly and this is where the episode title Assembly Time Comes from. Typically it would be used to humiliate the students of the end class, but not today thanks to Koro-Sensei.


Rather than let them be relentlessly targeted and humiliated, he ensures that they not only have fun but are treated in a humane fashion. It’s actually upsetting seeing how they’re treated, all because the dean wants to see higher test scores.


 Overall this was a great episode and one that really makes you root for Koro-Sensei. He’s as silly as ever, but he’s also doing his best job teaching the class and making them better students, and that’s what counts. There’s a lot of humor as always, and some fun faces from Koro-Sensei.

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Assembly Time This episode further proves Koro-Sensei's dedication to teaching his class, and also shows how he cares for them. It also shows more of what a brutal fate it is to land in 3-E, and man it is brutal. I really loved the way that Koro-Sensei saved his stduents at the assembly, and there were a couple good Koro faces this time around.
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