Episode 6: Test Time

This time around the students of 3-E are gearing up for their mid-terms with the help of Koro Sensei, but as you might have guessed from the last episode, the dean won’t stand for that.

Majority of this episode deals with the students preparing for their mid-terms with Koro Sensei doing everything he can to help by making clones of himself, and there’s even a Naruto reference in there which I thought was pretty funny.


He spends a lot of time teaching the class and tutoring them in the areas they’re lacking in, and issues an ultimatum — every student has to break the top 50, or he’s out. Unfortunately, that doesn’t go so well, because after paying a visit to the classroom the dean decides to change up the test two days beforehand.

I thought that Karma would turn out to be the villain when he was first introduced, but in this episode we can clearly see that the real villain here is the dean and chairman, Gahuko Asano. He’s set up a system at his academy to ensure maximum performance, but that performance comes at a cost — the class of 3-E has to suffer.



But obviously Koro Sensei is not going to stand for that, which is why he spends his time teaching the class in the first place. There are some interesting interpretations of test anxiety, and it all makes sense when you realize just how low the end class is supposed to be on the totem pole.


It really makes you feel for 3-E, but while they seem to be stuck where they are thanks to the dean’s ruthless methods, they can’t help but have fun with Koro Sensei as their teacher. They might have to face numerous obstacles on their way out of the hell that is 3-E, but at least they have Koro Sensei to help, and that’s awesome.


There was a lot of comedy this episode, and Koro Sensei did not disappoint. As usual, he’s a pretty funny character with some interesting gags. The Naruto test, for example, which I mentioned earlier was particularly amusing. It also turns out that he has trouble with puzzles, even as fast as he is.

If there’s one thing to say about Assassination Classroom so far, it’s that it’s very consistent. I still can’t wait to pick up the manga.

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Test Time In this episode we learned that while Koro Sensei might be incredibly fast, there are still things that are outside of his power. It did a great job of setting up the primary antagonist for the series, and I look forward to seeing what other things he can do to obstruct the development of 3-E.
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