Sunday Sounds is back for its eleventh volume. Thanks for sticking with us for this long! Five songs are lined up for you to enjoy, so let’s take a listen.

Taku Iwasaki

There’s a reason this song feels familiar. It starts out as if it is going to continue down this melodic, choral path before it quickly evolves into this dirty, grimy, electronic soundscape. Of course, this comes as no surprise since the man behind the music is none other than Taku Iwasaki (who was previously featured in the first volume of Sunday Sounds), some of his later work known for twisting and bending sounds in weird ways. This song comes from the OST for the first part of Jojo’s Bizarre AdventureThe song has a sense of importance, however it also feels as if something more sinister is looming in the distance. The sharp kicks help to punctuate this point, creating a song that’s truly menacing.

NO, Thank You!
Ho-kago Tea Time

Ho-kago Tea Time is actually a fictional band that is the central focus of the anime K-ON!. The show revolves around these high school girls as they form a band just because they want to. The slice-of-life comedy was humorous and very entertaining but the main focus of the show was the music. The fictional band was actually performed by the voice actors of the characters themselves, which adds to the authenticity of the characters. Despite the band in the show only playing light music, a lot of the songs performed by the bands in additional work are heavier, such as this song.

Game Start

No Game No Life is one of those shows that instantly drew me in for many reasons. The first of which was its animation style, where everything appeared to have this red outline. The second of which was the premise of the show. Usually, protagonists have to overcome many obstacles before they succeed. In the case of Sora and Shiro, the protagonists of the show, they simply come in and succeed right off the bat. This song, the first off of the first volume of the OST, showcases that. Right from the start, they are ready and able to succeed at what they do. The song sounds like it’s straight from a video game and it should; SuperSweep is known for doing a lot of work regarding that area of media.

Sora to Kimi no Message

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet was an interesting anime. It wasn’t stellar by far but it was surely entertaining. Still, the ending for the show was something that I loved to hear. It reminded me of summer and the beach, which fits since the theme of the show revolves around a waterlogged planet. The softness of the vocals adds to a pleasurable experience that can simply be summed up with “relaxing.” I feel nothing but calm and relaxation listening to it. While there are parts where the song does pick up in intensity, it isn’t so much that it completely throws off the overall feel of it. Definitely worth a listen.

A. R.
Itou Kanako

When I think of good anime, I think of Steins;Gate. For some reason, however, some of my favorite shows tend to be derived from visual novels (such as the Fate series and The Fruit of Grisaia for example). “A. R.” is the opening song for the visual novel version of Steins;Gate, performed by the same person who sang the opening for the anime version. Her voice is one of the more unique ones, as it sounds young and smooth, which is accentuated by the synthetic rock sounds that provide background for the song. If you haven’t seen or read Steins;Gate, this song is, more or less, the general feel of the series as a whole.

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Sunday Sounds. Be sure to come back next week for more music straight to you. Here’s those songs for you one more time:

  • Avalon – Taku Iwasaki
  • NO, Thank You! – Ho-kago Tea Time
  • Game Start – SuperSweep
  • Sora to Kimi no Message – ChouCho
  • A. R. – Itou Kanako
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