Episode 9: Transfer Student Time

The students are back from their field trip, and this time there’s a new student in class. But, as it turns out, they’re actually an artificial intelligence. I was looking forward to seeing the latest addition to 3-E, but like the class which they were to become a part of, I too had no idea it would be an artificial intelligence. It’s a little strange, but then, there’s really nothing ordinary about the class of 3-E, is there? Not with Koro Sensei teaching, anyway.


And while the new student makes a ruckus with their assassination attempt, the students are quick to silence her before Koro Sensei can give her a few upgrades to ultimately help her on her way to become a good student and assassin.

This episode shows that Koro Sensei cares about all of his students, even if they’re not human. And you’d expect him to if you’ve watched up to this point, because by now he’s proven himself to be the best teacher out there nine times over.


He actually reminds me of a teacher I used to have in middle school, who went to great lengths to make sure everyone would succeed. He might have moved away, but he certainly made a large impact on my life, and I can see Koro Sensei doing the same for the class of 3-E.

But as for the latest student, well, because she’s an artificial intelligence she belongs to someone else. And of course, they don’t take kindly to Koro Sensei’s modifications, whether or not they are actually for her benefit.


So they strip most of them away, and it’s actually a pretty emotionally intense scene. But thankfully, the new student, cheerfully referred to as Ritsu (a part of her name as a weapon) manages to retain her cooperation so as to avoid disrupting the class with another failed assassination attempt.

It was nice seeing a new face in the classroom, even if it isn’t a human face, and I look forward to seeing what their interactions will be like moving into the future. For now, she seems alright.

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Transfer Student Time This episode brought with it a new classmate for 3-E, and shows that Koro Sensei takes care of his class whether they're human or not. It might not be the best episode so far, but the character development for Ritsu was pretty great. I would have liked to see more faces from Koro Sensei.
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