For a while now, the widespread access to smartphones and the accessibility of app stores have made the mobile market a popular destination for on the go gaming, a space which was almost entirely dominated by Nintendo ten years ago. Now Nintendo is acknowledging the power of mobile gaming by working with a company called DeNa to bring their intellectual property to smartphones.

People have always wanted Nintendo to go mobile, and many thought it would never happen since they’ve had such a large presence in the handheld market over twenty years starting with the Gameboy which saw release in North America and Japan back in 1989. But now it is, thanks to their partnership with DeNa.

With the 3DS doing well after climbing back from a high price tag with few early adopters (likely thanks to the lack of first party titles at launch), it’s unlikely that they’ll ever stop doing business in the handheld market. Instead, their partnership with DeNa aims to subsidize their other business by offering mobile apps which tie into games on the 3DS and Wii U.

It doesn’t stop there though, because DeNa will also be developing mobile games based on Nintendo properties for smartphones. All projects developed by DeNa will also be supervised by Nintendo, which should mean that you can expect a certain degree of quality. While there are a number of possibilities for Nintendo IP on smartphones, hopefully we’ll see some brand new games developed specifically with smartphones in mind.

It’s an interesting move coming from Nintendo, and one that a lot of industry folks have been wanting to see for quite some time. It’s also one that Nintendo is serious about, as is evidenced by their exchange of 22 billion yen on each other’s stock. Nintendo will walk out with 15,081,000 shares or 10% of DeNa stock, while DeNa will acquire 1,759,400 shares of Nintendo stock equating to 1.24 percent.

The pair also have plans to develop a multi-platform membership service which will be accessible to users on mobile devices, PC and Nintendo hardware, according to the press release. Unfortunately there aren’t many other details at the moment, though there is an expected launch window of Fall later this year.

If you have about an hour and a half to spare, the press conference can also be viewed in its entirety on YouTube.


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