Episode 12: Ball Game Tournament Time

It feels like it’s been a while since the last episode of Assassination Classroom, but now it’s back.

With the second half of the season comes a new opening, but sadly it’s just as ridiculous as the first and perhaps even a little less interesting. The song is similar in that both openings had the class singing and the animation itself is also similar since the class is doing that dance again.

The opening has been my least favorite part of Assassination Classroom so far, and since they decided to parallel the first opening with the second, it seems that it will remain that way. That’s okay, though, because the opening isn’t all that important.

What is important is the episode itself, and this one focuses entirely on baseball as you might have guessed from the title. Yep, it’s baseball time, and that means it’s gonna go down.


We learned earlier that Sugino was into baseball, and that was one of the things Koro Sensei was going to help him with. So then, what better way to prove how much better he’s gotten than by playing a game of baseball with E Class?

Of course, the school wants to keep E Class down, as usual. They’re not allowed to compete in the tournament and are instead reserved for exhibition matches to make fools of themselves. That won’t work for this E Class though, and even though they reluctantly take part in the exhibition match, they’re not going to let it go easily.


So they don’t, thanks to the tactics of Koro Sensei who offers the team guidance while pretending to be a baseball in what might be one of his best faces or disguises yet. But after winning the first half of the episode, things change when the chairman takes over.


Yes, that jerk interrupts again, trying to thwart E Class and stop them from actually doing anything to make themselves look good. It’s a battle between Koro Sensei and the chairman, and it actually plays out pretty interestingly.


It’s a game of cheap strategy, and while the chairman takes the lead back for a while, Koro Sensei and the team quickly adapt to win the game once and for all. It’s yet another lesson to the rest of the school that yes, E Class is actually worth something, and it’s all thanks to Koro Sensei.


It’s nice to see another episode outside of the classroom, and there are a few good gags from Koro Sensei here and there as well with the best one being his attempt to hide as a baseball on the field. It’s typical Assassination Classroom fair, and it’s a great start to the second half of the series. I look forward to what the second half of the season will bring.

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Ball Game Tournament Time This episode was a nice change of pace, and a nice way to start off the second half of the season. New intro be damned, this episode was pretty fun in typical Assassination Classroom fashion.
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