What are you doing this Memorial Day? If you’re not busy, you might want to tune to Toonami, because they’re going to be having a marathon of Kill la Kill on Saturday, May 23. Unfortunately, though, the marathon won’t be very long thanks to the recent reduction in their time slot. That means the only Kill la Kill episodes airing are 10-15, so if you didn’t catch the first nine episodes, well, you’re probably not going to be doing much catching up.

Here’s what the schedule looks like, courtesy of the Toonami blog on Tumblr:


There’s also a stray episode of DBZ Kai in there, because hey, why not? Especially with all the hype surrounding the impending release of the latest film and the upcoming TV series which is the first in 18 years. Hooray for marathons! Although I personally would rather watch the first few episodes than the most recent ones. A marathon that doesn’t start from the beginning just feels wrong.

Still, Kill la Kill on TV is better than no Kill la Kill on TV. Will you be watching?

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