You might have heard a while back that Steam was trying to make PC gaming more accessible to the average gamer by offering up smaller and more affordable hardware. They also announced their plans to produce a controller designed specifically with PC gaming in mind. The time has come, and these are now available for pre-order.

Starting today, you can pre-order your own Steam Machine. As of right now there are only two, but Valve promises to have more options in the future. If you’re keen on picking one up, there are currently two manufacturers. Alienware and Syber both offer their own versions of the Steam Machine, and the prices aren’t all that bad when compared to the price of entry for a console. Both start at around $400, but if you’re really into the concept, you can drop up to $1400.

If you already own a PC, you’re probably wondering what’s under the hood. It’s actually pretty interesting, because while both units are priced in the $400 range, it seems that Alienware is the better deal. According to Syber’s website, their entry-level Steam Machine which is priced at $499 has an NVIDIA GTX 750 with 1GB of GDDR5. The Alienware version, priced at $449, however, comes included with an “NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU w/2GB GDDR5.”┬áThat probably makes it a GTX 770.

Beyond that, the specs are nearly identical.┬áStill, it’s great to have options, and there will only be more as time goes by. For those of you that aren’t interested in buying a new rig, but still want to toy with the Steam controller, they’ve got you covered on that too. The controllers will be available individually for $49.99, along with the Steam Link, which is probably what you’re looking for if you want to maximize your living room gaming experience with a pre-existing rig. If you’d like, you can even pick up a bundle and get them together!

It’ll still be a while before Valve’s dream of having a gaming quality PC in every living room comes to fruition, but it’s certainly on the way. As someone who has never used Big Picture Mode, I might just pick up that bundle. How about you, do you think Valve’s Steam Machines are worth picking up?


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