BentoByte Sunday Sounds Volume 23 comes at you with three songs, one of which is a monster hit from the great TeddyLoid. Let’s give them a listen!

What I Want (You) To Hear

I actually found this song by accident but I’m happy I did. It’s a very relaxing song and Nekobolo’s production on this song is top-notch. After having heard this song, I’m going to have to do a little bit more digging in order to find more of their stuff; the pacing of the song is consistent as is the overall tone of the song. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that there was someone actually singing this song rather than a Vocaloid providing the vocals. That’s the level of mastery that Nekobolo displays on this song.

Just Awake
Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas

Fear, And Loathing In Last Vegas has always been one of my favorite bands. Recently, I’ve been watching Hunter x Hunter and the ending theme for the episodes I’ve seen so far is one of their songs. Specifically, it is this one. Rather than including just the audio, I want people to watch the video for this song. When you put it together with the song, it creates an overall, unparalleled experience. When I watched it, I got vibes from Daft Punk’s movie Interstella 5555. Honestly, I want this to be an anime because it has that kind of feel. The band never disappoints, though if you aren’t used to their sound, this could be a weird thing for you to listen to, especially as the song evolves as it continues on.

Fly Away To The Black Moon

After a brief buildup, you are met with a familiar melody. Immediately taken back to 2010/2011 roots, “Fly Away To the Black Moon” can be seen as a follow-up to TeddyLoid’s hit song “Fly Away“. It’s familiar but at the same time feels like it’s very fresh. The introductory melody only serves to remind you of what you’re getting yourself before dropping into the crux of the song; there’s nothing you can do at this point except dance to the music. The mixing of nostalgia and that feeling of hearing something new creates an emotion that leaves you coming back for more. This is a solid hit from TeddyLoid and, honestly, it would be nice to see on the soundtrack to a potential sequel for Panty and Stocking.

Thanks for tuning in to BentoByte Sunday Sounds Volume 23. Be sure to tune in next week for more music sent straight to you. Here’s those songs for you one more time:

  • What I Want (You) To Hear – Nekobolo
  • Just Awake – Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas
  • Fly Away To The Black Moon – TeddyLoid
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