The Resident Evil series isn’t a stranger to remakes and remasters. Hell, Capcom even came out with a remastered version of the Resident Evil Remake earlier this year. So when I heard that the series was getting another remaster, I wasn’t all too surprised. Until the producers of Resident Evil revealed that the new remaster would be for Resident Evil Zero, one of the few titles in the franchise that I haven’t played.

Resident Evil Zero is one the less talked about installments in the Resident Evil series. But I’ve never been sure of why that is. Perhaps it was because it was only available on Gamecube, Wii and PC? Though the REmake was the same and it’s arguably the most popular title in the series now. Maybe it was because it follows Rebecca Chambers, who makes only one other appearance in the entire franchise as an NPC in the REmake?

resident evil zero remaster

Rebecca quickly learned she wanted nothing to do with zombies.

Maybe the game just sucked, like the Survivor or Operation Raccoon City (WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME). Whatever the case is, it’s one of the few titles in the entire franchise I haven’t played so I was very excited when I heard Zero is getting a remaster. Better yet, that remaster is less than a year away.

Resident Evil Zero is the prequel to the original game, taking places only days before the Mansion incident in the Arklay mountains. Resident Evil Zero was one the last titles in the series that played with the set camera and tank controls, which tended to do a better job creating atmosphere and causing fear in the player. Although tank controls weren’t the easiest to get the hang of. I’m sure the Resident Evil Zero Remaster follows the REmake remaster in implementing modern control into the classic title, along with plenty of other additions. I suppose we’ll see in early 2016 when the titles comes to PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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