Hell Girl is a fantasy thriller that originally aired in November 2008. This review covers the first season, a chilling representation of how humans may react when offered opportunities for intense revenge.

Ai Enma is the Hell Girl, a supernatural being in charge of a system that allows mortals to enact vengeance by sending the object of rage to hell. However, if a person sends someone else to hell, he/she will also go to hell after death. The individual seeking revenge needs to log onto the mysterious Hell Link at precisely midnight, type in the name of the person they’d like to damn, and wait for Hell Girl to appear. If she shows up, she offers the client a doll, with a red string tied around it. The Hell Link client must pull the string, in order for the offender to vanish and be banished to hell. Three other beings, all seemingly in a second life, of sorts, help Hell Girl travel and investigate each case.

If you’re seeking horror, you will find it in some of the episodes. Certain episodes are merely intense, which can be good for more sensitive viewers who seek intrigue, not constant violence and sex. Typically if sex is depicted, it’s not shown. It often revolves around abandonment and other such instances which cause normal humans to long for vengeance. Trigger warning: rape is depicted in some episodes, though it isn’t shown. There are a few episodes that are quite violent; there’s one where a woman has been stabbed in her pregnant belly, so the man won’t have to deal with that responsibility. It isn’t shown, but such instances are chilling, so viewer discretion is advised.

Halfway through, the show becomes rather repetitive and predictable. Although the reason for the repetition is possibly due to attempts to accurately portray humanity: it is extremely rare for anyone to turn down the offer to send someone to hell. People will even do it over petty grievances, like having coffee spilled on them, or having their car scratched.

The eerie minimalist soundtrack, lovely imagery, and moments of intrigue will likely keep the viewers along for the journey. Even the opening and closing credits feature a great deal of beauty. It’s not the sort of show most people will want to binge watch, however, due to the reality that it’s sometimes predictable and repetitive.

I would rate this show as good, though not excellent. It’s beautifully animated and intriguing, though, so it’s certainly worth a watch.

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Intriguing but Slightly Redundant There is a distinctive mysterious, ghostly quality that makes the show worth viewing. However, halfway through the series, you'll almost always be able to predict the end of each episode.
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