Gearing up for Summer Wonder Festival, GoodSmile Company has announced all exclusive items which can only be bought at events or pre-ordered online. Let’s take a look at everything.

First up is GoodSmile Company’s newest figure type: Nendoroid Co-de: Cinderella Girls Rin, Uzuki, and Mio.

GoodSmile Company Announces Summer WonFes Exclusives

Nendoroid Co-de is the newest line from GoodSmile Company. They are cheaper than regular nendoroids and come with just the body and some hand parts.

Next up is figma Uzuki Shimamura: Jersey Ver.

Every idol certainly needs practice, fans of Cinderella Girls will obviously need this in their collection. The difference between her performance outfits and this are huge, yet cute none the less.

Next up we have figma Rin Shibuya: Jersey Ver.

It wouldn’t be Rin unless she could put her hands into her pockets. This frazzled look on her face is such a nice change from her calm and almost cold demeanor. Be sure to display her with Uzuki!

Last but certainly not least is (finally!) Nendoroid Mako Mankanshoku: Fight Club-Spec Two-Star Goku Uniform.

She was teased at Winter WonFes and I had almost given up, yet here she is in all her glory. The detail on everything will surely please all Mako fans.

Her golden bat and golden knuckles are optional parts included. But just look at all the weapons she packs. Mako truly is worthy of the title “Fight Club President”.

She comes with two different crying faces/parts. I’m sure Kill la Kill fans will remember both of these scenes which are now yours to recreate. Nendoroid parts sure are getting more amazing.

As a last bonus, GoodSmile Company will also be releasing “Nendoroid More: Dress up Cheerleader”.

They are sold separately and it’s random what you get. Unlike the other after parts released by GSC, the pajama set most notably, these come with head pieces/face plates.



You can check out more of the new bodies over at Yoshii’s blog on the official GoodSmile Company website.

That’s all for today, but remember to place all pre-orders on the official English Summer Wonder Festival site located here. Summer Wonder Festival Starts July 26th so make sure to check back as we keep you updated.


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