Angel Beats! is a comedy/action series that aired in the Spring of 2010.  The series centers around a group of rebellious high school students and takes place in…the afterlife?

Otonashi _____ (you’ll find out later) is a high school student who finds himself in the afterlife with a severe case of amnesia–he has no idea who he is, nor what happened in his prior life.   He comes across a band of other high school students who have been hanging out in the afterlife for a while now and have come together to face a common enemy: Angel.  According to the group’s leader, Yuri Nakamura, Angel is the agent of God and their ticket out of the afterlife.  Throughout the series, Yuri comes up with ridiculous schemes to help the team find God via essentially bullying Angel.  Of course, the team is full of idiots and the result is one hilarious mission after the other.

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The ever so enigmatic TK.

Miraculously, the SSS (their battlefront’s name) is fully stocked with some serious firepower, so every mission is packed with guns blazing.  By the end of the first episode, you’ll already be hooked to the anime’s hilarious antics and sweet, sweet violence.

Seriously, who knows how to build a tank from scratch??

Seriously, who knows how to build a tank from scratch??

But don’t get too comfortable just yet.  While Angel Beats is predominantly comedy, things take a turn for the more serious side of anime.  You soon learn that everyone in this particular afterlife has some sort of crippling regret.  It’s hard to explain anything without spoiling the plot but just know that Angel Beats becomes an edge-of-your seat, tragic tale on regret, companionship, and the value of life.  And if you know anything about the studio Key, you’ll know that this one’s gotta be a tearjerker.

Angel Beats! is one of my all-time favorite anime by far.  It’s ability to mix comedy, action, romance, and drama (kind of) into single cohesive plot is a rare find.  On top of that, it’s underlying messages of death and living life to the fullest have you pondering as you watch each episode.   And even if you aren’t a fan of the serious tones that the anime later transitions into, at least you’ll have a good laugh all the way through.

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Angel Beats Angel Beats! is a hilarious series that tells the story of a band of life-hating teens. It skillfully weaves in elements of tragic storytelling, epic action, and a touch of romance to tell a truly memorable tale.
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