With all the hype these days about subscription box services, you’re probably wondering what sets Japan Crate apart from the others. So in this review, we’re going to break down everything that arrived in the new Premium Japan Crate (nicknamed the Sugoi Crate).

To kick it off, for around $30 a month you receive this little handy red box filled with tons of candy.


Ramune Marble Gum


Quick Version: This stuff was delicious. But if you want details, the flavor was just like the Kawaii Ramune drink that I’ll talk about later in the review. Another nice touch was the mild fizziness that came along with the gum. Ramune Marble Gum is impressively close to the soda it’s based on.

White Chocolate Big Bar Z


Stay with me on this one, White Chocolate Big Bar Z is a cross between white chocolate, a wafer cookie, a churro and a Kit Kat. It’s a wafer cookie with white chocolate drizzled on it that’s shaped like a churro and breaks into pieces like Kit Kat. If you can imagine that.

Little Gang Grape


For whatever reason, I felt a little on edge as I tore into the Little Gang Grape pouch. Perhaps it’s because the name is one letter away from being horrific. (Think Whitest Kid’s You Know) However, Little Gang Grape ended up pretty tasty. It was something like a chewy grape pop rock with a mild after taste. The candy is good, I just question the marketing.

Red Potion / Black Potion


Both the Red Potion and the Black Potion gum had very strong flavors. Of the two, I preferred the red potion.I will say that I’m not a fan of licorice but the black potion managed to be tasty while licorice flavored.  I probably should have read the description for this gum a bit more closely because this stuff seriously dyes your mouth.  I was not prepared for the amount of red fluid that came out of my mouth as I took a sip of water.

Soy Sauce Mochi / Snow Pea Chips


This one is a flip of a coin, you get the Soy Sauce Mochi or the Snow Pea Chips. We got the Snow Pea Chips, which was just a simple and mild snack food made from crisped snow peas. American snacks are probably the most savory in the world, so the flavor not being particularly strong wasn’t particularly surprising.

Choco Kinako Mochi DIY


The Choco Kinako Mochi DIY is a fun little kit that gives something along the nostalgic feeling of cooking smores. But instead of fire, you’ll be using water to moisten the wafers that come with the kit. On top of that, you get chocolate sauce and some powder that’s either peanut butter or graham cracker. It’s a fun experience and the treat you get at the end is tasty enough. The one problem is knowing how much water to add. Too much and the wafer goes mushy. Too little leaves the wafer a bit tough and it won’t be able to pick up the peanut butter/graham cracker dust.

Kirby Blend-Blend Mix Gum


I was so excited for this. I love Kirby. The gum comes in five flavors that you can mix and match to create new flavors as you chew. Of course, this includes the prank grey gum balls that are meant to make you unable to taste sweet things. Kind of a mean trick for a candy to play on you, though I suppose it makes it fun in a way. However, all the gum was pretty delicious and mixing them together was a fun twist on chewing gum.

Choco Banana Pocky


This is pretty straight forward. It’s got a banana layer on the outside with chocolate filling. The banana was strong in flavor in my opinion. Other than that, it’s just Pocky. It was savory enough and delicious enough for me to have downed the entire box in one go.

Talkng Puppy Chocolate


Have you ever had a Crunch bar? This was pretty much a Crunch bar with less sugar. Also, it came wrapped in an adorable puppy picture and had a “heat-activated puppy pun joke card” inside. If only my Japanese was up to par.

Kawaii Ramune


Kawaii Ramune is essentially Japanese Sprite. It’s Lemon Lime but a bit fruitier I suppose. It’s fizzy. It’s pretty straight forward and delicious. If you like Sprite. Which I do.

Magic Bubble Jelly DIY


This was the most bizarre item in the entire box. You’re provided with something of a “My First Chemistry” playset. It’s an item probably meant for children but what followed was a nightmare no child could imagine. Taking a mixture of packets of sugar like substance, we mixed them with water and each other to make a purple liquid into a blue liquid/gel into a purple bubbling gel/liquid. The appearance and consistency of the amoeba like monstrosity we ingested is best not put into words. On the plus side, it actually tasted okay. I’d try it again.

Happy Paws Gummy


The Happy Paws Gummies were pretty tasty but I had to note a few things. First, you get this sort of sweet milky after taste. So that’s probably not for everyone. Also, it feels like you’re eating kitten paws. And if that doesn’t make you slightly uncomfortable, you may just be a monster. Overall, they were pretty delicious.

Matcha Green Tea Peajoy


Matcha Green Tea Peajoy was pretty much like Pocky. It was a biscuit stick filled with some sort of mixture with green tea. Probably white chocolate, though the green tea was strong with this one. If I were to give a quick summary of this one, it’d be a pleasant and not overwhelming green tea flavored snack. And, much like the box of Pocky, the Matcha Green Tea Peajoy was devoured in one sitting.

Matcha Green Tea Kit Kats


If I learned one thing from the Japan Crate, it’s that Green Tea is infused with some sort of chocolate. I think White Chocolate, which makes sense as that’s probably easier to color green. These were literally white chocolate Kit Kats infused with green tea. Unlike the Matcha Green Tea Peajoy, the chocolate was the stronger flavor here. If you like chocolate, I find it hard to believe you wouldn’t enjoy the Matcha Green Tea Kit Kats.

Bonus Item



Along with the nice packaging and cute little designs let’s dive into each of the items you get from the June edition of the Premium Japan Crate. Each premium crate comes with an extra little figurine. This month they were all characters from the famous Hayao Miyazaki’s film My Neighbor Totoro. The figurine is selected at random and stands relatively around an inch tall. Needless to say, I snagged it before Matt could take it. It sits (looking rather adorable) perfectly right under my monitor.

Overall the Japan Crate is exactly what you are looking for in a subscription crate service. A personalized box, neatly packed, filled with a great variety of candy straight from Japan itself. Should you invest in this service? Well if you’re in the market for Japanese candy:


There isn’t a reason not to. It is cost effective, convenient and arrives in a timely fashion. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something different, Japan Crate is the solution.

Want your own version of the crate we had? Click here to subscribe!

Disclaimer: A box was provided by Japan Crate to BentoByte for the purpose of review.

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