Knowing how beloved this series is and not having read the previous 8 volumes made me a little hesitant to start of reading What Did You Eat Yesterday Volume 9. While a bit confused at the beginning, I was actually quite surprised how easy it was to pick up on what was going in the series. I suppose that’s just a slice of life manga for you. With no main narrative, there isn’t really much I was missing out on (to my knowledge at least).

A series like this is difficult to review since there not really much to go on. An example is how in chapter 65 the main plot point is that Shiro’s favorite cheap supermarket is closing and he is freaking out about where he is going to have to shop from now on. He comes to realize that they are going to be building a new supermarket there and it is going to be as relatively cheap to shop there as the old one. Stuff just like that.

The only thing I can really say is if you have read the series from volume 1, you can probably just expect more of the same in volume 9. Though there might be a few surprises in this volume regarding the story, but I wouldn’t know since I lack the prior knowledge. If you’re new to the series, which I don’t know why you would be reading this right now unless you hunt for spoilers, I highly suggest starting from volume 1. While I did say the series was easy to pick up from this point, I still felt lost and confused by some of the situations and characters.

I really did enjoy my time reading What Did You Eat Yesterday Volume 9. I felt like the main characters were well written without having to rely on obvious tropes and the way the each chapter had a fun little recipe incorporated into it was very unique. This also ended up making me really hungry but that’s besides the point. What Did You Eat Yesterday was really a refreshing experience and I feel this was attributed to the way it handled its characters and setting. That being said, I think I can honestly say I will be picking up volume 1 of the series as soon as possible. I really enjoyed my time with the series and would love to know more of who these characters are.

What Did You Eat Yesterday

Story/Art: Fumi Yoshinaga

Translation: Jocelyn Allen

Production: Risa Cho, Tomoe Tsutsumi

Publisher: Vertical Comics

Release Date: Available Now

MSRP: $12.95

 (Disclaimer: A copy of What Did You Eat Yesterday Volume 9 was provided to BentoByte by the publisher for the purpose of review.)
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