Have you ever read a shojo manga? Yes, of course you have. Shojo has become an increasingly popular genre lately for all types of anime and manga fans. The Demon Prince of Momochi House is just another great addition to this genre of manga and The Demon Prince of Momochi House Volume 1 offered a solid introduction to the series.

We start off with Himari Momochi. As a sixteenth birthday present, she inherits a large family estate. Although her parents died when she was young Himari decides to live there, even though she knows nothing of the estate or the town. When talking to locals, she learns that many townspeople believe the Momochi house is haunted. Dismissing it, she goes to her new home and discovers three teenage boys that have been living there and refuse to leave. Instead, they insist she must leave because it is “dangerous”. Enraged, she ignores them and stays, only to discover the house is full of demons and spirits! These beings, known as the Ayakashi, wish to steal her soul because she is of the Momochi bloodline. The only people that can keep her safe are the three teenagers, Yukari, Ise and Aoi. Although they look like normal boys, they’re anything but. Yukari is a water spirit, Ise is an orangutan, and Aoi is a human with the special powers of the Omamori-sama, the protector of the house. Aoi has the difficult task of keeping the spirits out of the real world.

From what you can imagine from any shojo manga, Himari and Aoi have their own little quirks; Himari can be a bit bossy at times, demanding that all the boys pay her rent, and Aoi is overly innocent to the point that he could get in some fairly awkward situations and be totally unaware. Besides a few other little things, the characters are not too terribly deep.

On the flip side, the characters’ designs and overall art are fairly interesting. Aoi’s Omamori-sama design is by far the most detailed. His ordinarily black hair turns a snow white and he gains cat ears, bird wings, and a fox tail. Most of the smaller Ayakashi are also fairly adorable, which makes me very happy, but some of the others are absolutely terrifyingly scary!

I enjoyed The Demon Prince of Momochi House Volume 1, even if it seemed predictable at times. It had some really hilarious lines scattered throughout the story and the action scenes were also nicely drawn. I plan on reading the next volume as soon as I can!

The Demon Prince of Momochi House Volume 1

Story/Art: Aya Shouoto

Translation: JN Productions


Publisher: VIZ Media

Release Date: Available Now

MSRP: $9.99

Disclaimer: A copy of The Demon Prince of Momochi House Volume 1 was provided to BentoByte by the publisher for the purpose of review.

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