As anyone like me may know, Blizzard Entertainment has had one ball of a time with their, still fairly new, free to play powerhouse, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Nothing makes someones inner fanboy/fangirl cry out than when you get a CCG from your favorite lisence. Many Hearthstone fans have been holding their breath the last week when Blizzard announced (also shown in the tweet below) that they had a “Special Hearthstone Announcment” coming, and it’s finally here!

Just this morning the internet exploded as Hearthstones next expansion “The Grand Tournament” was announced! For anyone who doesn’t live and breathe on anything Warcraft, The Grand Tournament was something that evolved out of an event from Blizzards smash hit World of Warcraft durring the Wrath of the Lich King expansion under the name of the “Argent Tournament”.

For those wondering what will be coming with this new expansion you won’t be dissapointed. Blizz says we’re getting 130 new cards! some of which have been revealed here: And for the people out there that aren’t thrilled with an Ethereal on a camel or a pirate on a battle parrot don’t worry that isn’t all the Hearthstone team has to offer. From what we’ve seen almost every race is getting their own knight, harkening back to the old days of farming out your races Argent mount, and more new races are to come! You want a Pandarian on a dragon turtle? done. you want a Tuskarr with a buffet cart? done. If you want a murlock riding a battle frog to save you from that Deathwing barreling down on you? I’m sure you can find a way!


Just one last thing for anyone that isn’t already beating their heads in wondering why this hasn’t already caused mass hysteria. That’s right a new keyword is being added to the game as well! “Inspire” is a new ability that will trigger every time you use your Hero Power, this opens up wide possibilities for the game including new spells and minions that will affect your Hero Power (or maybe even your opponents)

So I don’t know why anyone’s still reading this far because you should be gearing up for the next expansion! Hoard that gold and hone those “Well Played” spamming skills because The Grand Tournament is coming soon!

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