That’s right all you Android users! the Bethesda gods have seen fit to right their wrongs and bring the Fallout 4 teaser app Fallout Shelter to the Android market!

Sadly Bethesda isn’t quite ready yet, the app will officially come out August 13th on the Android store; but hey better late than never, right?

In other Fallout related news, Fallout 4 had a live demo played at QuakeCon and from what we can tell, it’s all Guns and Roses…or ya know Mini-nukes and Companions?


The Behemoth mutants from Fallout 3 are back! as well as the Fat Man that we all relied on to kill these absolute tanks. Apparently there’s also a new “Mushroom cloud” effect that’s really cool that will come with all the new nuke related weaponry. So double check on that for Fallout 3 fanboys (like me). Don’t you worry your poor irradiated heads with, there’s plenty more where that came from. From the conformation of Super Duper Mart’s (probably filled to the brim with bandits) to the return of Dogmeat!


Also coming in the new game is a new system for Perks (now sensibly tied to SPECIAL), a horde of new companions, a new romance system for those companions, faction battles that the player can choose to be part of or not, and of course the most important part…you can speak! And other characters (or at least Mr. Handy) will call you by name! Huzzah!

We sure have plenty to look forward to in the upcoming installment, dropping November 11th. but until you decide who to destroy with the might of your Brotherhood of Steel allies, running your own vault will have to suffice. Pick up Fallout Shelter now on the Apple store here: or wait gruelingly until the 13th of August for Android users.

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