Gecco Corp has created a figure featuring the iconic hunter from Bloodborne. It will be receiving two variations in the coming months. An original, which will be arriving in December 2015, as well as a limited and more graphic “Puddle of Blood” version, portraying the aftermath of a prey slaughtering which be arriving in February 2016. Sculpted by Shinya Akao and painted by Katsushige Akeyama, the statue stands 320mm high with the hunter wielding the Saw Cleaver and the Hunter Blunderbuss. Both figures have the ability to transform the Saw cleaver into its secondary position.

Given that they will be released at the same price of $299, I recommend waiting for the more graphic version as the look is quite pleasing to any accomplished beast slayer.

It seems the pre-ordering is not yet available for countries other than Japan, but here are the sites listed for when they become available.

To pre-order in Japan: Mamegyorai

To pre-order in America: Ultra Tokyo Connection (currently unavailable)

To pre-order in other countries: D4TOYS (currently unavailable)

Here are the samples of both versions:

Figure Features:

The main visuals of the video game’s jacket is recreated as a fine art statue, capturing both the front and picturesque back side.

Thoroughly supervised by FromSoftware, all the details of the protagonist “Hunter” dressed in his “Hunter Set” are faithfully sculpted.

His “Saw Cleaver” is armed in his right hand and “Hunter Blunderbuss” is in his left hand. The saw can transform into a straight razor-like cleaver just like in the video game.

This statue features the game’s unique Gothic atmosphere by portraying the hunter on cobblestones and puddles that are recreated on the round base, capturing the aesthetic feel Bloodborne’s world.

The sculpture also captures the character’s heroic yet subtle posture, standing amidst the deadly “plagued” air of the environment.


<Figure features>

The special color version of “Puddle of Blood” is limited to only 1,200 pieces worldwide.

The puddle on the base of the original version is replaced with a splattering of blood.

The Hunter was also splashed with blood after slaying the beasts.

M. Rollin (KESARAN PASARAN) joined the creative team as a guest painter and took great care capturing the blood effects in this unique release, balancing the bloody and violent world of “Bloodborne” with the subtle moody atmosphere.

The special bloody paint work was carefully designed to accentuate the sculpture staying away from the often clichéd violence and gore.


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