Studio Ghibli is facing an inconvenient LinkedIn leak, as a posting on the site may have revealed an incoming English dub for the 1991 release “Only Yesterday”.

Studios of all sorts fall victim to leaks through LinkedIn, as people use the site as an online resume and are eager to post their latest works. Even if those works haven’t been announced just yet…

The culprit this time is English Dub Producer, Geoffrey Wexler. His profile lists his work on the English dub for 1991 Ghibli film “Only Yesterday”, a film with no announced plans for any sort of dub. Wexler apparently is a bit loose with this type of information, as he leaked the plans for the English dub of “When Marnie Was There” before those were announced as well.

only yesterday 2

News of an English dub for a Ghibli film should come as no surprise, but there is a bit of intrigue in the fact that Ghibli is reaching far into the vault with this one.

“Only Yesterday” is an adult-oriented drama that focuses on 27 year old business woman Taeko Okajima who returns to her home on the countryside. While there, she struggles between the nostalgic pull of her childhood home and the responsibilities and stressors of her adult life.

With the unfamiliar focus on an adult audience and the less fantastical storyline, it makes sense that Ghibli would wait on bringing this one to the states. Either way, a new Ghibli film with a new English dub? I’m sold. Ghibli usually handles dubs well and it’ll be nice to look back on how things were done back in the 90’s. What do you think? Excited for “Only Yesterday”? Let us know!

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