Fans of Fire Emblem and manga rejoice: there is a new manga on the way. Nintendo announced the news at the “Fire Emblem Festival” event back in July with the reveal that the manga is set to start in September. No exact details about the manga are known as of yet, but if you are a fan of the series, it would be well worth the wait.

fire emblem fatesThere are a few names attached to the project as well. Yuusuke Kozaki was the character designer for the previous installment of the series–Awakening–and joining him will be Shin Kibayashi–the writer for the game Fire Emblem Fates (alternatively known as Fire Emblem if)–who will pen the story and script. Both individuals are versed in the world of Fire Emblem, so the story should be nothing short of stellar.

With all of this news comes a bit more about Fire Emblem Fates. The game is said to be accompanied by a comic anthology as well as a four-panel manga, the latter being released in September.

Fire Emblem Fates was released in Japan in June and is slated for release in the west in 2016.

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