The long awaited moment is finally here, the soundtrack for the latest installment of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater has finally been revealed. If you’re a longtime fan of the series like I am, you’ll no doubt know that the soundtrack is one of the greatest aspects of the series. So great, in fact, that I even devoted a list to my favorite songs from the series throughout the years. Did I mention that it was the first post I wrote here at BentoByte? It’s rather fitting, then, that the series would return just after the first anniversary of that post — and by extension, the first anniversary of my work here as a writer. Wow, time flies!

The soundtrack consists of a total of thirty-two tracks from a wide variety of artists in typical Pro Skater fashion, so if you’re not that into punk music that’s okay, there’s something for everyone. Personally, I’m interested in the punk side of things, but I’ve always loved the variety of music that the series had to offer. If nothing else, Tony Hawk and Robomodo have certainly nailed the spirit of the soundtrack, and that’s something. One thing to note is that there’s a great combination of new and old artists. Anti-Flag, who appeared on the soundtrack for Downhill Jam, made the cut. Death From Above 1979 returns from American Wasteland as well.


Aside from that, the rest of the soundtrack seems to center around artists new to the series, which is great for everyone involved. I would have liked to see some mainstays from the original series — Lagwagon is still kicking, and recently put out new music last year, for example (Hang is actually highly recommended) — but the balance between genres still remains intact. Music discovery isn’t exactly as difficult as it used to be back in 2002 when Pro Skater 4 was released, thanks to things like and Spotify, but it’s still great to know that Pro Skater 5 will still offer up music that people probably aren’t familiar with.

It might not be as packed as some people were expecting, but hey, State Champs! These are people that probably grew up with the game like I did, so it’s great to see them included. The soundtrack is listed in the image above and in text format down below, but don’t expect to see bands like Bad Religion, Pennywise, or NOFX. I haven’t gotten around to listening to the full soundtrack yet, but I sure as hell look forward to it. A new Tony Hawk game is on the way, and that will always be exciting.

  • Anti-Flag  – “Stars and Stripes”
  • Atmosphere – “Southsiders”
  • Black Pistol Fire – “Hipster Shakes”
  • Bully  – “Milkman”
  • Cloud Nothings  – “I’m Not Part of Me”
  • Cold Cave – “A Little Death to Laugh”
  • Connie Price and the Keystones  – “International Hustler”
  • Crass Mammoth – “All 149”
  • Deaf Poets – “Degenerate Mind”
  • Death – “Keep On Knocking”
  • Death From Above 1979 – “Virgins”
  • Deer Mother – “When The Wolves Come Out”
  • Doomtree – “Mini Brute”
  • Fake P  – “Rorschach”
  • Family Force 5 – “Raised By Wolves”
  • Four Year Strong – “Go Down In History”
  • Harlan – “Moment To Myself”
  • Hundred Visions – “Our Ritual”
  • Hungry Hands – “Highline”
  • Icon For Hire – “Cynics and Critics”
  • Killer Be Killed – “Wings of Feather and Wax”
  • New Politics – “Everywhere I Go”
  • Plague Vendor – “Black Sap Scriptures”
  • Ratatat – “Cream on Chrome”
  • RattBlack – “Skate Rock”
  • Royal Blood – “Little Monster”
  • State Champs – “Secrets”
  • Temples – “Shelter Song”
  • The Orwells – “Who Needs You”
  • The Schitzophonics – “Rat Trap”
  • The Sheds – “Bad Things are Bad”
  • Yogi & Skrillex – “Burial”

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is currently scheduled for release next month on September 29. The game will be available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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