Witchcraft Works has proven to be a pretty funny reverse take on the whole damsel in distress trope, with Honoka Takamiya taking on the role of the princess and Ayaka Kagari as his protector. It’s not a very serious work, and while there is some action here and there, the focus is largely comedy. There have been a few fights here and there, but overall the past four volumes have spent more time on the dynamic of Honoka and Ayaka than anything else.

In Witchcraft Works Volume 5, however, there’s a lot of action this time around. It’s still a very silly series, and there are a lot of gags, but volume 5 for the most part spends a lot of time introducing new characters and their motivations. The war between the workshop witches and the tower witches is going just as strong as ever with Honoka as their target, and the tension really ramps up this time around.

It’s becoming increasingly clear just how important Honoka is in terms of the storyline, and it doesn’t look like the tower witches will abandon their pursuit of the White Princess anytime soon. This isn’t a new revelation since they’ve been after him for a while now, but the story is finally starting to delve into the real plan. All of those people that tried to capture Honoka in the past were merely working for one of the newly introduced characters in Witchcraft Works volume 5, and I can only assume that this person is working for someone as well.

It seems like there’s always someone stronger in Witchcraft Works, and that’s something that happens in Witchcraft Works volume 5 as well. Naturally, the big villain introduced in this volume isn’t the one behind everything, but if they’re not, who is? That’s what I find myself wondering, but then I also can’t help but think maybe that isn’t the point. My favorite thing in a story is the exposition, the part of the story that fills in the holes. But with a series like Witchcraft Works, maybe I’m reading it for the wrong reason. The gags are great, sure, but as someone who prefers a good story it’s easy to find myself grow tired of the same old thing.

Still, Witchcraft Works volume 5 does manage to provide some of the most exciting pages of the series so far. With so much going on, it’s easy to find yourself enthralled by the action this time around. We might not have gotten any answers to our burning questions, but it’s a solid volume and there’s enough to keep me interested until next time.

witchcraft works volume 5-cover-bentobyteWriter/Illustrator: Ryu Mizunagi

Translation: Ko Ransom

Production: Risa Cho, Melissa Dejesus

Publisher: Vertical Comics

Release Date: 6/30/15

MSRP: $12.95

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