Right before┬áSummer Wonder Festival, GoodSmile Company teased the new “super movable” Nendoroid Mega Man. Now, after a long wait, the final version complete with accessories is slated for pre-order September 1st. So let’s get right into it!


First up is his standard expression and pose. You’ll notice right away he’s not quite like other nendoroids. His hands and feet are much larger and his joints are “super movable”, for a more unique posing option.


He comes with additional parts such as “Mega Buster” and a more serious pained expression. Once again, his super movable parts come in handy for mid air firing poses!


He even comes with his “charged shot” for extra damage!

Don’t forget his E-Tank for extra healing during boss battles!


Lastly, his “Damaged Pose”. He comes with special arms and legs pieces to faithfully recreate those moments of frustration after being damaged in battle.

He’ll be available through pre-orders on GoodSmile Company’s main site starting tomorrow, and as an added bonus all pre-orders will receive a “death effect sheet”!


Be sure not to miss out.

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