This is the beginning of a new series I’d like to call “Why you should watch:…” this is going to be a series based on my personal opinion of anime you should watch and why you should watch them.

Do you like blood? Do you like guns? Do you like kick-ass female characters? Do you like absolute boatloads of blood? Well then allow me to make one simple 10 hour boost to your anime library. I am, of course, talking about Hellsing Ultimate! Have you seen it? If you have, good on you, go watch the abridged series too! If you haven’t, well aren’t you in for a wild ride? Quick disclaimer though, SERIOUSLY if you aren’t into blood, or get queasy at the sight of blood on a screen, you should have a friend watch this for you and explain the story. After hearing about it you won’t care about the amount of blood.

Now at NDK I did have the pleasure of meeting the very talented Taliesin Jaffe and Jonathan Klein who directed the English dub versions of both Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate. These guys…man these guys have stories, they are some seriously cool dudes. If you have the chance to meet them, please do, they are some really down to earth dudes (after Taliesin has his coffee). But I digress; first thing I feel like needs explaining is why there are 2 Hellsings. So the first Hellsing series that was made for Fuji Television was based off the manga Hellsing by Kouta Hirano. Now because Hellsing was so popular (and Hirano was taking “so long” to get the manga out) Fuji wanted to get the show made before they even had the whole story. The product was Hellsing which is by no means a bad show. Hellsing follows the same story for about half of the manga, then takes a big left turn. Again, nothing wrong with that, it was a very good show. But compare that to the shinier and bloodier Hellsing Ultimate and I just have to go with the intended story.

Hellsing_OVA_1_Cover Hellsing Ultimate OVA cover

Enough about the politics of the Hellsing franchise; much like Alucard I like to get to the fight quick. The story of Hellsing Ultimate follows the Hellsing Organization, which  “…is a special operations agency, charged by her majesty, with the duty of finding and eradicating all supernatural and satanic threats to the Church and Crown.” -Sir Integra Hellsing, leader of the Hellsing Organization. Now the Hellsing family has, by some means or another, come to have a “pet” vampire in their ranks; this “pet”, known as Alucard, is the best means the group has of destroying other vampires. How does one go about doing that? Well with highly explosive rounds fired from a semi-automatic hand cannon that weighs 6 Kilos (13 pounds) of course! Of course you throw in some silver from “the cross of Manchester Cathedral” just for that anti werewolf punch and you’ve got yourself a nice monster slaying machine. I must say if you are into guns, this series has you covered; from accuracy of weapon models to actually reloading (though you don’t see it much because super speed), it’ll get you your gun fix for sure.

-alucard_ova_8 Alucard Hellsing Ultimate

Alucard is the main character in the series, and more often than not he’s a total badass. No questions asked, in the beginning of the series you are convinced that this “thing” is indestructible and nothing will ever meet his match. By the end of the series, such as characters like Luffy and Ichigo, you see that there are chinks in the armor, and beyond that a very deep character. Hirano definitely did a great job making such a godly being seem so human. And Alucard isn’t alone in his badassery; literally every character in the show had their own defining moments of joy, sorrow, and absolute power. Seras Victoria is another vampire in the Hellsing ranks, turned by Alucard in the first minutes of the show, through the series we see her grow in both power and character. At first what you think is just going to be some good T&A for the audience, turns quickly into a frighteningly powerful vampire that’s still coming to terms with even her own ability. The character arc of Seras at first is for sure a bit week, but get past the first half of the series and she really begins to shine.

hellsing seras victoria integra fairbrook hd-wallpaper-1817981 Hellsing Ultimate team

Fight scenes in anime tend to be one of two types of fight scenes; what I like to categorize as “Dragonball level” fight scenes and as “Yu-Gi-Oh level” fight scenes. Dragonball level is where the protagonist is up against a vastly superior foe, and has to use friends, or a special item, or in some cases more training, to defeat them. Yu-Gi-Oh level on the other hand is typically a more even match with some special circumstances giving the bad guy the slight edge. Hellsing Ultimate is not on either of these levels. Alucard is on his own level, and you can tell every time he gets into a fight he knows it! Just when you think the antagonist has the upper hand Alucard has some new trick to pull out of his hat. I love the fight scenes in Ultimate, and it isn’t just because of the new perspective, but also the delivery. Most anime seem like they’re too afraid to move the weapon technology up past the middle ages or feudal Japan, well Hellsing Ultimate gives you a fresh breath of nice modern fighting, while still giving the sword fanboys a crazed knife wielding character.And I think earlier I mentioned blood, I did mention that right? There’s tons of it! And rightfully so, it is a universe filled with vampires after all! From the realistic draining of blood from knife wounds, to the over dramatic sprays of blood EVERYWHERE, Hellsing Ultimate has it in spades. Even if you plan on never watching the show do me a favor and look up the Alucard vs Luke Valentine fight on Youtube, trust me it’s worth it and it gives you an idea exactly of what most every fight in the series is like.

Alucard and Luke standoff Hellsing Ultimate

So I’m convinced that at this point if you haven’t already ditched this article to go find your nearest available copy of Hellsing Ultimate you’re either the wrong person for this you you just don’t understand the weight of awesome this show brings. Trust me everything from the animation to the characters to the plot makes this a worthwhile buy. So go on and binge watch this, I’ll meet you back here in 10 or so hours with “Why you should watch…” something else that’s awesome and action stuffed.

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