Over the past year of running this site, going to conventions, and interviewing and hanging out with cosplayers, I have started to understand what drives people to cosplay and what makes cons so much fun. Fortunately, while at Nan Desu Kan in Denver, I was able to sit down with a few of them to ask all about the culture, the drive, and the reward behind why cosplay is wonderful.

First and foremost, for those into anime, or rather fandom in general, who haven’t been to a con yet; do yourself a favor and go. Ignoring all the awesome panels, merch, artists, and activities (just for the sake of argument), cosplay and the fellow community are some of the best reasons to attend. I know I have mentioned it before but the people are what drive these events and what makes this infatuation so much fun. It’s not every day where you meet people at a bar that are dressed up as Naruto only to discuss how much we love Bell-kun in Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?. So that being said, let’s dive into why cosplay is awesome and why the people who partake are equally awesome.

Now, I have read time and time again about the insanity and drama that goes into the cosplay world and the dark side of cons. But for once, I think there is enough of that kind of negativity out there and it is high time to show why you should do it and why it could be a wonderful experience.

I sat down with a group of very awesome folks at NDK to discuss everything they went through prior to the con. It was, as one would expect, full of down-to-the-wire crafting, lack of sleep, and nit picking every aspect of the outfit. Hearing these stories, I simply had to ask why?

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The answer? It was about the interaction with everyone else. The interaction between cosplayers (and the fans who don’t participate but still like the outfits), the compliments, the shared struggles, and collective geeking out makes it worth it every con. Tying in with Jacques’ article of Top 10 Reasons to Go to a Con, having people there to share your experience with can really make a huge difference.

Sure, crafting everything will take time (sometimes this can be an understatement), but the reward and sense of accomplishment that you can get from doing all of this is well worth it. Even people who are not into the scene still recognize a great outfit when they see one.

Seeing one person dressed up as Luffy from One Piece run over to another dressed as Aoba Seragaki from DRAMAtical Murder and geek the fuck out over each other’s outfit is just a little indication of the overall acceptance that people experience while at the cons. It is about the shows and media that we have come to enjoy so much. So why not go out and try your hand at it? Sure, it will be a ton of work but I guarantee it will be worthwhile. Besides, you may make some more friends along the way and have even more opportunities unfold.

Son live a little, try it out, what do you have to lose? There could be a lot of fun and gratification ahead of you, you need only take the plunge.

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