Junji Ito is well known as a famous horror author and artist. He has managed to tell us tales of spirits, demons, and other twisted surrealistic inventions for quite some time now. The most recent release, Fragments of Horror, is a great addition to his collection of tales. The Fragments of Horror does not have a common theme that continues throughout the book. It is plethora of different styles of short-stories. The all have elements of the unnatural, however, each of the short stories is drastically different than the other.

The manga has 8 stories in total with 220 pages of demented images/stories. And this is his first collection of stories to have been published in the past 8 years. Two of the stories do not really intrigue me personally, but they still capture the eerie, ghoulish, and macabre nature that Junji Ito portrays within his tales. So in that regard they are all perfect. Each of them plays to various fears and types of phobias. From hallucinations to personal tics the manga is certainly worth the price.

For fans of grotesque horror manga, this volume is another important addition to the collection. As I mentioned, there are a few stories that are not nearly as compelling as others, but on the by and large, it is entertaining. Nothing beats a good horror story every once and a while.

fragments-of-horror-review-bentobyte-junji-itoStory/Art: Junji Ito

Translation & Adaptation: Jocelyn Allen

Publisher: VIZ Media

MSRP: $17.99

Disclaimer: A copy of Fragments of Horror was provided to BentoByte by the publisher for the purpose of review.

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