Witchcraft Works is a series that’s heavily reliant on humor, but for the past couple of volumes, it’s been steadily increasing the action as the witches wage war over Honoka and The White Princess. It’s been a pretty tense fight, and in Witchcraft Works volume 6 it finally starts to wrap up. There’s a lot of chaos and destruction, and it makes for some pretty interesting spreads. When I review Witchcraft Works, I don’t usually talk about it enough, but the art in the series is phenomenal and it’s really on display here as there are a fair amount of detailed scenes thanks to the hectic nature of this arc.

Witchcraft Works volume 6 moves into full-on warfare between the witch factions, and it’s a lot of fun to read as you learn about the different types of magic. Everyone’s magic is different, and seeing the interesting spells that Ryu Mizunagi can come up with is quite the treat. Case in point, the latest villain, who seemingly focuses on bombs but is actually a healer. As it turns out, the bombs that were put in place that have been slowly exploding over the last two volumes have actually been placed over the course of several years. Pretty impressive, but ultimately revealing that the villain just isn’t that powerful.

Of course, like usual, that’s because the villain is just another pawn in the story. To what end, we’ll find out eventually, but for the moment it remains up in the air. We know that the ultimate goal is for the tower witches to take back The White Princess, but it’s clear that this is going to be a long process, and it’s setting up for an interesting finale. At some point the chain has to end, and I hope that it’s soon because while the writing and art in Witchcraft Works volume 6 are solid, it does grow a bit tiring seeing the villains being used as pieces by someone else.

I don’t mind different villains now and again, but just when you think the real villain is here, it turns out to not be the case. It seems like we now know who is pulling the strings, but it’s still a bit early to tell. Still, Witchcraft Works volume 6 manages to put a solid end to the arc that’s been unfolding over the last couple of volumes, and that’s kind of nice. I just worry that the story is starting to get a bit repetitive, even if we are learning new bits and pieces as we go.

witchcraft works volume 6-cover-bentobyteWriter/Illustrator: Ryu Mizunagi

Publisher: Vertical Comics

Translation: Ko Ransom

Production: Risa Cho, Melissa Dejesus

Release Date: 8/14/15

MSRP: $12.95


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