Over the past couple of weeks we were contacted by Mogmog to try out their newest product, a subscription box by the name of Wowbox.

As is said in the video, there are three options to choose from:


A major variety pack with a few curious additions here and there.


As can be seen in the image, this is the option with beauty products.


Just think all the pocky your heart desires.

Now the Wowbox by Mogmog has certainly differentiated themselves from the competition. Each of the boxes only start at $14.99 month which is a steal when you take into consideration how much time and effort it would take to procure all this delicious candy on your own. Interested in getting your own? Check out their page HERE!

In the next week or so we are going to be releasing a “tasting” video where we are going to force our friends to try all this candy with us, so stay tuned!

Disclaimer: A box was provided by Mogmog to BentoByte for the purpose of review.

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