Don’t Starve: Giant Edition for the Xbox One promises to deliver a surreal experience, especially if you have never visited the franchise before. Indie Developer Klei Entertainment has a knack for delivering a tense gaming experience, even in an environment that feels lighthearted. Klei also succeeds in creating a sense of fear without having to depend on the realistic horror survival games that seem to be a dime a dozen recently.

It’s hard for me to break down Don’t Starve: Giant Edition because, as a survival game, the goal is simply to survive and (as you’d guess) not starve for as long as possible. So I’m going to do this review in segments focused on the good and bad parts of the experience. Additionally, since this edition is really just the console port, I’m going to touch on how well the game has transitioned to console.


The Good:

If you can manage to keep your calm and handle the setbacks that come with some of the frustrating fights in this game, it delivers on a rewarding experience that stays true to the experience I originally had with it for the PC. This game essentially is like trying to survive in the mind of a person that’s a cross between Tim Burton and a lumberjack. The graphics are extremely stylized and very unique. It’s a nice relief from everything else that is out on the market.

The transition from the PC platform to Xbox One is pretty seamless and feels like a natural progression that some other franchises seem struggle with. Don’t Starve: Giant Edition has added content that adds value to picking up this copy even for those who have played the franchise in the past.

At a price of $14.99 USD, the game delivers a fun and immersive  experience at an affordable price. While the goal may seem simple, the gameplay offers plenty of ways to accomplish it and lots of different activities to do. While some of the day to day activities may be repetitive, it will take a significant amount of time to make the game as a whole feel repetitive, which can be a drawback for other games of the survival genre.

One last thing I enjoy is that Don’t Starve does not hesitate to punish you if you get too bold. With the constant clock ticking down and the challenge of surviving at night time, there’s always a sense of danger that keeps the excitement going.


The Bad:

My biggest complaint is that you cannot save the game and if you die you have to restart. So if you want to experiment with anything you find in the world, you better be willing to start from the beginning if things go sour. This can be very frustrating for people who have never visited the franchise before. However, once you become a veteran of the game, I found that the unknown becomes exciting and I found it to be a positive.



For the price you pay, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this franchise and begin your challenge to survive in this adorably grim wilderness. Don’t Starve: Giant Edition is a refreshing addition to the Xbox One’s one gaming catalog which has largely been focused on hyper realistic games attempting to utilize the hardware of this newest generation of consoles.

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Don't Starve: Giant Edition (Xbox One) The studio that brought you the original delivers a strong edition to the Xbox One console that provides intriguing game play for veterans of the game or newcomers looking for a unique experience.
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