The official PlayStation blog announced today that 105 new titles would be coming to Sony’s video game streaming service. Of the massive amount of games coming to the service, 21 of the titles are games from Capcom. The Capcom titles including games from the developer’s famous long running series, such as Resident Evil, Megaman and Street Fighter, as well as newer titles and series such as Dead Rising and Lost Planet. With over 80 other games coming to the service, there’s too much to list here. The full list is available on the official blog post.

If reading isn’t your style, Sony has you covered. The official PlayStation YouTube channel released a video trailer that details some of the titles coming in the updated catalog. You can check out that trailer here:

If you’d forgotten that PlayStation Now existed you’re in good company, as I had completely forgotten the service existed until I saw this announcement. This may be because the cloud based gaming service phased itself into the hands of players over time and variety of platforms. PlayStation Now first came to America in July of 2014 offering the service to PlayStation 4 as part of it’s open beta with PlayStation 3 service coming two months later. The service has since fully launched for both PS3 and PS4 in North America, though remains in beta in both Europe and Japan.

So if you own a PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or even a Samsung Smart TV and you’re looking for a way to play a lot of games without paying a lot of money, PlayStation Now may be the answer. The service goes for $19.99 for a monthly subscription, which is pretty reasonable for access to over 200 titles. The service currently offers PS3 games exclusively, however there are plans to bring PS4 titles and potentially games from even earlier eras sometime in the near future.

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