Episode 6: The Terrifying City

One-Punch Man episode 6 appears to set the stage for Saitama to finally come out and show the world who he is. The first part of this episode dealt with Saitama coming to accept the fact that if he wants to become recognized as a hero, he will have to do some groundwork. In just six episodes, he has come from being a simple “hero for fun” to someone that wants to be recognized by the Hero Association and by the citizens of his city alike.

Speed-O’-Sound Sonic makes a return from the last time he appeared, still vowing to defeat Saitama. While spouting comments towards Saitama about how he has become “one of those worthless heroes,” Speed-O’-Sound Sonic goes around causing a rampage. During this time, Saitama had been lamenting about how if he does not do hero work for at least a week, he could lose his status as a hero. And yet, right in front of him, causing havoc, is a man who proclaims to be his nemesis. Perhaps Saitama seeks recognition on a greater scale. Perhaps he wishes to be ranked higher so that he can be recognized for the larger deeds that he does for City Z as he has done before.

In the second half of the episode, viewers get a look at some of the other heroes in the Association. While these heroes are higher ranked than Saitama, none appear to be on his or Genos’ level from what could be shown. Regardless, some are sent out to City Z to investigate the “ghost town” where a monster is said to live. Two do arrive and an ensuing battle between those two heroes and an actual monster takes place, but it is Saitama–who is uncredited, once again, for his deeds–who takes own the monster…in one punch.

The show is slowly setting up for Saitama to reach a boiling point. He wants to be recognized for his acts and wants the people to know who has been protecting them this entire time. Only time will tell until there is a monster that will garner the full wrath of Saitama’s power and the full recognition from the people that he seeks. You can catch One-Punch Man Episode 6 over at Daisuki or Hulu and view some screenshots from the episode below.

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The Terrifying City One-Punch Man Episode 6 appears to set a stage for Saitama to show his stuff to the Hero Association, but will people come to accept his power? Even Genos, an S-ranked hero says that he cannot surpass his master, so how will the other heroes do it? This episode has planted the seed for larger things to come Saitama's way as well as the recognition that he longs for for being a hero.
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