It was announced on Friday that the Kingdom Hearts manga series has ended according to the twitter account of the illustrator, Shiro Amano (tweet shown below).

Kingdom Hearts Manga Ending - BentoByte

The manga began in Shonen Gangan in 2006 but was placed on hiatus by Aman for a separate project. Kingdom Hearts then resumed in 2012. The series was released by Tokyopop up until the publisher closed its North American publishing division in 2011. Yen Press then picked up all four manga adaptations in 2013 and has licensed the series ever since¹.

Kingdom Hearts II Ending - BentoByte

The 10th volume in the series, which is the final volume, of Kingdom Hearts II was shipped on August 22nd.

“It’s a little sad but, the Kingdom Hearts manga has finished, so I probably won’t be posting any related Tweets anymore.” – Shiro Amano


It is sad to see a great series end but at 10 volumes, it had a good run. Look forward to see more incredible work from Shiro Amano in the future!

Image Source:  KingsomHeartsWiki

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