Episode 8: The Deep Sea King

One-Punch Man Episode 8 appears to the first part of two episodes as it sets up for a thrilling battle between the heroes of the Hero Association and the Seafolk that have come to take over the land. The pacing for this episode was a bit weird, but overall it helps to set up for the second part where Saitama comes in to action.

The best part about One-Punch Man episode 8 is the fact that it steps away from the focus of Saitama and Genos and sheds a little bit more light on what the other heroes of the Association are capable of doing. Early on in the episode, it is made apparent that there are some highly capable heroes that are at least able to hold their own against the Seafolk, but this only serves to prove the point that Saitama, Genos, and other heroes of their caliber are the ones who must come and save the day. Even though he is a Rank C hero, Saitama has the skills of a Rank S hero, something that the Hero Association knows and is seemingly unwilling to acknowledge.

The fact that other heroes make an appearance in the show help to really round out the cast and show that it is not all about Saitama and Genos but, rather, how their actions affect the world around them. With various heroes of different ranks banding together to take down a seemingly impossible threat, viewers will have to wait until next episode to see how things pan out. With One-Punch Man episode 8, a question is raised: what does it mean to be a hero? What defines a hero? This episode and the next one will answer that question and, hopefully, it will do so in a glorious, action-filled fashion.

You can catch One-Punch Man Episode 8 over at Daisuki or Hulu and view some screenshots from the episode below.

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The Deep Sea King One-Punch Man Episode 8 was not as great as the previous episodes, but due to it setting up as a two-part episode, this can be forgiven. The best part about the episode was seeing what other heroes other than Saitama and Genos were capable of. This helps to really build and flesh out the world of One-Punch Man and also gives the viewers more people to look out for in future episodes.
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