Episode 10: Unparalleled Peril

One-Punch Man Episode 10 sees Genos and, by default, Saitama being summoned by the Hero Association due to an impeding danger that threatens not only the cities in which they live, but the planet as a whole. What on Earth could be so powerful that it would threaten the whole world? Unsurprisingly, it would be something that is not even of the world that would cause the Hero Association to shake in their boots.

One-Punch Man episode 10 goes all over the place in terms of what it is trying to present, yet it still has enough of a structure to make it known that there is a danger present and that it threatens not only the Hero Association as a whole, but the entire planet. The threat is so great that all of the top S-Ranked heroes had to be summoned in order to stop the threat. But Saitama, who is merely a B-Ranked hero, is at the meeting, ready and able to take on any threat.

It was interesting to see the various heroes that make up the top ranks of the Hero Association. What their abilities are and who they are is still a mystery and one can only hope that they will be explored. Regardless of this, the fact that these people make up the top ranks of the Hero Association means that these are the people that Saitama will eventually have to cross if he wishes to become the best hero around. However, before he can even do that, there is a threat that is literally looming overhead that he and the other heroes must stop.

You can catch One-Punch Man Episode 10 over at Daisuki or Hulu and view some screenshots from the episode below.

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Unparalleled Peril One-Punch Man Episode 10 appears to be the first of another multi-part episode and, much like episode 8, it has some weird pacing to it. From a rather slow start to Saitama right into the thick of things, this episode drops the ball that episode 9 had set. Besides this, the threat that the Hero Association now faces is greater than ever, with an enemy that threatens the entire world at their doorstep.
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