Today, Sentai Filmworks announced in a press release that they have licensed the upcoming 2016 winter anime Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle. The series is based off of the original light novel written by Senri Akatsuki and illustrated by Kasuga Ayumu. The light novel series currently has seven volumes and started back in 2013. The anime itself is going to air on January 11th, and will be animated by studio Lerche.

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle bentobyte

Sentai Filmworks describes the anime as:

this series follows a young man named Lux, the former prince of Arcadia. After an accident in the bathing area lands Lux in hot water with the kingdom’s new princess, Liseshart, he finds himself forced into a duel that pits mechanical weapons against each other. Little does he know what else lies in wait when he has to join the school that trains the wielders of these ancient weapons.

Below is a trailer for the upcoming series:

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